Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FREE Food, several samples and a photo of my FREE Victoria's Secret tote!

So we drove out of town today to do some shopping (went to look at the Circut City final weekend and they had NOTHING) and I took along my print-out for my free Victoria's Secret bag I blogged about previously. Went in and got my $20 bag for free! It was awesome! Here's the bag::

We also few a couple of GREAT deals at Hastings. A $30 Deftones CD for $3, a $25 Breeders single for $3, a Donnas CD+DVD for $6 and Twilight - New Moon (paperpack) for $5.99 -- all used. Also, Zoey got a cute little $10 tin Bratz "purse" for $2.25 and we found a $24 Spiderwick Chronicals game for $5.24 -- clearanced. The deal of the day was a Nautical Archeology book MSRP $40 clearanced down to $4!!

UPDATE!:: On my first Penny Pinch Plugs blog, I mentioned that on March 8th you could go into a Arby's and simply say "I want to change my burger" to get a free burger, however there is official promotion on this now and my information was slightly off. You say that and pay for a drink to get the free burger, basically like the coupon but no need to print anything and according to their promo, no limit!(?) Details HERE!

Get your Planet Hollywood printable $10 off $20 purchase coupon HERE The coupon is good through 12/31/2009, not valid on Alcohol and only one coupon per table.

More FREE samples!::
Free Artificial Sweetener Sample
Free Bottle Opener - (tells you to click on a 2nd page and enter your name and e-mail for your request to be completed, I would suggest using a secondary spam e-mail acct.)
Free Sample of Econo-Clean - (you have to say yes, I do have a squirt bottle in order for it to work!)
Free Can "Coozie" - (Go HERE first to see which style you want!)
Free Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
Free Hair Gel
Free Sample of Underjams

If you sign up for the Quiznos Club HERE, you'll get a coupon for a free Sub with a purchase of a drink and chips.

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